Pappasitas – Chicken Fajitas

UnknownIn my quest for the best Fajitas, I neglected to check Pappasitos. My nieces and I were on the way to the Booth Museum in Cartersville, GA and stopped here for lunch.

We started with some queso dip.images-2This was some of the best queso we all have ever had, we gave it a huge thumbs up! We ordered the chicken fajitas, medium to share. images-3 (the chip and salsa are great too!)The fajitas were really good. One of my nieces had never had fajitas before and she is 16. We loved them. images-4I know these are steak, but it shows all you get with them. They are excellent and I recommend them!

We are going to try a Korean Taco Truck on Thursday! I love that they will try anything with me!

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