Fun with Food Trucks!

My niece Zelda thought she would like a food truck to cater her birthday party, oh, a taco food truck. (Her birthday is in September) I think it is good to do some research. I had a great taco from a food truck last summer. It was a Korean Taco food truck. Yumbii was the truck, so we went to look for it today. It was going to be at Peachtree and 12th today. When we got there, there were about 12 food trucks. IMG_6957The real problem was there was no parking, we parked in the Loews Hotel parking garage. (I love Loews Hotels, they love dogs!) IMG_6954Okay, we had to check out the different trucks…



It was great, we went to 3 different trucks. Zelda got the gyro, Ella the rice bowl and I got two tacos. Oh wait food photos too!IMG_6966

Rice bowl, with marinated tofu seaweed, edemame, special sauce, yummy!IMG_6968



Tacos! and great french fries!

The one truck I really wanted to try was the Lobster Truck. I will try it soon. It was on Shark Tank.

You really have to try  park, it is great!

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