Time away from Staycation

I took a few days off from Staycation and went out of town to Tybee Island, GA. Tybee Island is a barrier island off the Georgia coast, outside of Savannah GA. It’s a quiet laid back little town, super friendly and a great getaway in April. Unknown

So, we went on a dolphin watch boat ride. (I was afraid it was going to be lame, but it was great!)IMG_7156

Oh and Flat Stanley came with us too! IMG_7176

A shrimp boat was coming in, which is great if you are looking for dophin!


Pelicans love it too!IMG_7189IMG_7205

There were a lot of dolphins and momma dolphins with babies and it was a beautiful day and fun to have the wind in your face. IMG_7204

I highly recommend it! (they allow dogs, but I am glad I  didn’t bring Bradley Cooper.)

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