Gardening in the “Hood”


My neighbor Will put his garden in first and he has a much more diverse assortment of veggies.He tilled out part of his yard to create his garden this year. (That would be a whole separate blog on the “tilling incident”) He used Epsom Salts and his garden exploded. I had never heard of using Epsom Salts but I looked it up and it’s quite common and well known.


This is one of my neighbor’s raised bed garden and here is his other one….IMG_7236

He started his garden before mine. (He needs to do some weeding.) He did not think using Epsom Salts would make a difference, so we will see!


This is my garden.


I am doing an experiment with my garden. This part of the garden I bought the plants from The Home Depot.


This part I purchased the plants from Pikes Nursery. (A local chain of nurseries) I will keep you posted with the results. It’s really not scientific just fun!


3 thoughts on “Gardening in the “Hood””

  1. beautiful, I want a garden just like that, but I have to many varmints…squirrels and possum and things that eat veggies and leaves.

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