Sunday Drive

This didn’t happen with my parents, but my grandparents were big fans of the Sunday drive. My Grandfather had a super old car called Black Beauty and we would get in and go for a drive. It was great fun and at the end we would stop at the Custard Stand. Life was good!

So, today I decided to take a drive. I headed out on Buford Highway. Buford Highway is an interesting place to visit on its own, for dining purposes. It is an eclectic blend of ethnic cuisines. It has great Pho places, great Tortas places, many Asian and many Mexican restaurants. Oh, and they have three Crawdad restaurants too.

Along Buford Highway there are so many small town that have Historic Districts. It runs along a railroad. The first we come along is Historic Norcrossimages-4

This has a handful of really good restaurants and a few cute shops.

Then we come to Historic Duluth…UnknownGuess what? Cute restaurants and a few cute shops and a splash fountain.

Next we run into Historic Buford…Unknown-2I think all of these towns have done a great job of building up their “downtown” areas up to great places for concerts and movies on the green and just fun for people that live out in the suburbs to get a community feeling.

If you have a chance take a Sunday drive and discover something new!



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