Searching for a Baby Pool

I got it in my head that Bradley Cooper might love a baby pool full of water in this heat. So, I headed out to Target.Unknown(I do love Target!) They had inflatable baby pools but not the hard plastic ones. So off I went to Walmart.Unknown-1(I really do not care for Walmart) It was a super Walmart too. So huge, but no baby pools to be found. Asked an associate, she said they weren’t moving so they got rid of them. This seemed unreal, since it’s a holiday weekend and super hot out.

I found some tie dye supplies (I am easily distracted)

The cashier was extremely nice. She asked if I found everything I was looking for and I said, No. She said they moved them all up to seasonal and they must have sold out.

This is all I was looking for…Unknown-2Then as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw them, they were outside in the gardening area. I parked again and went inside. They were huge. They would never fit in my car, even with the top down. I will try again soon. Let me know if you have any ideas.

4 thoughts on “Searching for a Baby Pool”

  1. Exactly. That’s where I found them at Walmart, too. Outside. Only problem now is that neither dog wants anything to do with them. They simply think they are very large drinking bowls. 😦

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