Best Chicken Broth!

images-1To start, you put a ziplock bag in your fridge and every time you have a veggies left from chopping something, like a little leftover carrots, or half of an onion, part of a stalk of celery, or a hunk of zucchini oh and the stalk off of the broccoli. Then, you get a rotisserie chicken. Have some chicken for a meal then clean the chicken off of the bones. Put the chicken away and put the bones in a pot with the bag of veggies you have been collecting. Cover the carcass and veggies with chicken broth and water. Put the temp on high and once it starts boiling you can turn it down but keep it boiling, you will need to keep adding water. imagesAfter the second hour of boiling the vegetables will start to disintegrate. I usually put in an onion, two stalks of celery, some carrots and then whatever you have collected. I take my wooden spoon and smash the vegetables on the side of the pot. After the third hour you have pretty much gotten all the “goodness” out of the bones and veggies, as far as spices along the way, I always use italian spices and lemon pepper and turmeric (I try and put this in everything, it is so great for you!)

You can then freeze the broth, or build on it for your next meal.

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