I got in an accident today. I am okay, but it just sucks! It is scary and you are supposed to be so okay about it. IMG_7716.JPG

Okay this woman hit me. The biggest problem was it was my neighbors car. I feel awful. He was super cool about it. How horrible is this situation?

I thank God I am okay. The Police Officer said I was lucky, because I was hit so hard I should have flipped into oncoming traffic, and I would probably be dead.

Thank you God!

Hurricane Matthew

images-1 It was not good, the hurricane. It could have been so much worse. I am so sorry for any deaths that occurred because of it.

My parents and brother and other brother and sister in law and their kids, plus lots of friends live in Jacksonville. I am thankful they were spared the devastation that could have been.

images-2 Yes it was horrible and power was out for a while. I really do thank God, for the hurricane not coming inland!

images St. Augustine was really hit hard and I am not sure how they will recover. I know they will. A-1-A was torn up in Flagler Beach.

I pray for the people of Haiti.

Yummy Turkey Lettuce Cups

My neighbor grew a ton of different kinds of peppers this year. Only one is hot and spicy  the Habenero. The rest have a great full flavor to them. So, I decided to use one, a purple pepper in my ground turkey mix up for dinner. I take scallions,garlic, carrots, celery, pepper(the purple one), baby bella mushrooms and sauté them then I put in a pound of ground turkey and brown it. I use turmeric, oregano, salt and pepper as spices. Then when the turkey is browned I put in a mixture of water, soy sauce and corn img_4058

Then you get your Bibb Lettuce…img_4059

And stuff them with the mixture…


It was delicious! But then leftovers! Woo Hoo! You get your pita and stuff it in there and tada!img_4066

oh I added a little ketchup! It was great too! Let me know what you think.