The Whoopee Cushion Crisis

My neighbor’s daughter, Abby got a whoopee cushion yesterday and the fun started like crazy! images under her mother’s chair….always a laugh.

This morning she put it under a cushion and kept asking me to sit down. I picked up the cushion and saw it. I messed up the fun but that was not where the crisis began.

Abby blew up the cushion, put it on the sofa and put a cushion over it and then sat on it. No fart, no fart, it blew up. There was a large bang then she picked up the cushion and we saw the hole in the whoopee cushion. Then the waterworks began. The end of the world, the loss of a best friend all the same degree as a ruined whoopee cushion. This is the description of the world of a 7 1/2 year old girl.

I told her I would get a new one, kind of a mistake. They purchased the whoopee cushion from Richard’s Variety Store (there is a whole blog on this store and it is all good) Now, Richard’s Variety store is in the same shopping area as Trader Joe’s, this grocery store is always in an area with horrible parking. Every single Trader Joe’s has horrible parking. So, after 15 minutes driving around the parking lot with no luck, and people’s tempers were wearing thin. I had a plan. I went across the street to La Hacienda and had lunch and I asked if it would be okay to leave my car while I ran across the street. Problem solved!

Went to Richard’s and scored a new replaced whoopee cushion!

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