My Father’s Best Friend Passed Away this Week.

My father’s best friend, Dr. Donald Sitterson, died in his home on Wednesday of this week.

They were fishing buddies and jazz buddies, breakfast buddies. They truly were best friends.

My Dad has dementia so he has not seen Don in a few years, but when we speak of Don, my dad’s face lights up and he says “he’s my best friend”.

Don was a dentist for many years in Jacksonville, he had a really strong practice. He got his degree from Emory University in Atlanta. He and his wife Judy would come to Atlanta for reunions and they would always take me out. He was super kind and thoughtful.

Don and Judy always had a brunch on Christmas Day. It was a tradition. Don loved to party and so did his family, it was always a super fun time. The best part was the exchange of gifts between dad and Don. Each year they would work all year collecting things they thought would be hysterical. They both were pretty deaf so, it ended up being a hoot.

Don lived his life to the fullest, traveling all over in his van when he retired, going kayaking and partying with his friends and family.

Dr. Don Sitterson was a very very good man, and I loved him very much.


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