Snowing in Atlanta

It is so crazy in Atlanta when there might be snow. The meteorologists go crazy for days explaining about the storm. Three or four years ago there was a storm that came in and it was horrible. The roads weren’t salted or sprayed and everyone decided to leave at around 3:00. People were stuck in traffic up to 10 hours. It was a fiasco. So, now everyone goes overboard the other way. Channel 2 even decided not to show Fish Tank, so they could report the “snow” around the city. The only problem was, there was no snow.

This is what we woke up to img_7915

The neighbors and I bundled up and walked around the block.


It was very cold, still is. It was so beautiful.img_7926

I can’t even tell you how ridiculous the grocery store is at the mention of a snow storm. Bread, milk and water, gone!

Bradley Cooper enjoyed it though.


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