Toco Hill

Is it an Indian mound? A famous hill in Atlanta? A super secret location? It is actually a shopping center built in the 1950’s and the whole area around it became Toco Hills.


For about the last year and a half they have been giving the shopping center a facelift. It is anchored by Publix Grocery Store and Kroger.

And a Pikes nursery…


This place is huge. Any cuisine you desire. Best Bagels in Atlanta….

(I like Goldbergs better)


Good fajitas, good chicken soup and a few very good tacos. There is a Jimmy Johns, and a Steak and Shake.


Ace is the place with the helpful Hardware man, not so much here. But I do love it!


Chris’ Pizza is really very good and they have a good brunch too.


There are three nail salons, this is my fav!

There is a massage place, a frozen yogurt shop, an Ice Cream stand, Learning center and a book store.

If you come to Atlanta and need an Ace hardware, here’s the place!

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