Today I made Gazpacho. I think everyone will remember my hummus trial with the blender and subsequent amazon prime purchase of the food processor. (If you didn’t catch that blog, I think the last sentence sums it up)

I love soup and I love tomatoes so, I thought, gazpacho would be perfect. It consists of garlic, jalapeño , red pepper, celery, green onions, tomatoes, lemon tomato juice and salt and pepper. Then I doctored them up with some hot sauce, some horseradish, and some worchestershire sauce. I put it in the fridge.

Unknown It was delicious!

What should I make next? , so excited!


What is your favorite Seafood? My favorite is Stone Crab Claws….Unknown

There is nothing like the size and flavor of these babies.

I do enjoy some shrimp also…Unknown-1We can get some great shrimp in Georgia.

I will say Mahi Mahi is an awesome fish….Unknown-2

Thinking about it though, I really just love seafood. I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. My father and I would go fishing every weekend. We would get up early and drive to a place called Screwy Louies, for bait and a seafood stew. I know it might sound gross but we would have this tomato based stew for breakfast. It was so great. So, Dad would brag, that I was the best bait cutter, squid. I would also throw a cast net to catch little mullet and pompano for bait.

Great memories!




I went to lunch at one of my favorite spots yesterday, Community Q BBQ. There was a chef in front of me in line, Chef Ford Fry. He is an amazing chef with 10, not good but great restaurants in Atlanta. He is like every “celebrity ” chef or otherwise, just a person.

So for some reason, I have run into a lot of celebrities. I never ever, except once, talk to them. I ran into George Brett in New York, but the Kansas City Royals were playing the Yankees. I knew his brother, but of course they had a falling out. I transgress.. sorry. Wait and Yogie Berra bought me a drink!

So two years ago, Kevin Gillespie, another chef was behind me in line at Turner Field. He has a few restaurants in Atlanta and was on Top Chef, he was a fan favorite. Such a nice guy though.

Have you run into celebrities? How have they been?


Do not hunt deer in flip flops…

There were two bucks in my front yard last week. They were beautiful. This makes sighting number two in the hood. So I texted my neighbor Josi and I grabbed my camera. My other neighbor, Trevor, was on his front porch taking photos with his phone. I didn’t get the shot.

Then Josi said they were in the neighbors backyard. So, Josi and her dog, Conner and I went hunting. Hunting for a photo op! So, our advice for hunting deer is quiet shoes are needed and probably do not bring the great hunter ConnerBear.

I am convinced the deer will return. I did spot a tiny bunny this afternoon. Those things are super speedy!


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