What is your favorite Seafood? My favorite is Stone Crab Claws….Unknown

There is nothing like the size and flavor of these babies.

I do enjoy some shrimp also…Unknown-1We can get some great shrimp in Georgia.

I will say Mahi Mahi is an awesome fish….Unknown-2

Thinking about it though, I really just love seafood. I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. My father and I would go fishing every weekend. We would get up early and drive to a place called Screwy Louies, for bait and a seafood stew. I know it might sound gross but we would have this tomato based stew for breakfast. It was so great. So, Dad would brag, that I was the best bait cutter, squid. I would also throw a cast net to catch little mullet and pompano for bait.

Great memories!



7 thoughts on “Seafood…”

  1. I don’t have any food pictures, but I usually go for some type of shrimp. The cocktail sauce should have a lot of horseradish. I also like sampling whatever local fish is available when I travel (which is usually some island in the Caribbean).

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