Taqueria Del Sol

I really like Taqueria Del Sol. It’s right around the corner from me and sometime the food had been a little off but usually it is very good.

UnknownI usually get the Memphis Taco, pulled pork, w/ bbq sauce and cole slaw, and turnip greens and charros beans. Tonight, I went with my neighbor Elsie, sidebar: has the cutest pit bull named Fiona and toy poodle named Meg.

They had a special, a chili relleno with New Mexico chilies. This was crazy good! It was so good, very hot and spicy but great!Unknown-1It was a chili stuffed with cheese and dipped in panko bread crumbs and fried. Unreal!

So, my friend Elsie and I have been trying to get this dinner together forever. She won a dinner here with a raffle ticket I gave her at a neighborhood fall festival.

They do charge for their chips and a trio of salsas, which everyone only likes one, guacamole and/or cheese dip.

There are a few locations, but they are all good!

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