Kitchen tips

1.  If you are cutting garlic, and your hands smell like garlic, rub some stainless steel, like your faucet. It immediately gets rid of the smell. Unknown

2. If your butter is frozen or too hard, take a vegetable peeler and pull off thin strips.


3. Take your butter wrappers and instead of throwing them away, save them and use them to butter, cake pans muffin tins etc…

4. Freeze tomato paste in 1 tablespoons, that way you don’t waste the whole can.Unknown-2

5. To make the perfect sunny side fried egg, put in a little butter or oil, crack in egg and when the whites are set put in a tablespoon of water and cover. Works every time.images

6. When I make chicken soup, I use Italian seasoning and lemon pepper. My soup has never been better! Unknown-3

Let me know if you have any tips too!

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