Summer Vacation

Every summer in my childhood, my family would load up the family truckster and head up to New Jersey, right outside of Cape May NJ, Townbank NJ on the Delaware Bay.

My grandparents had a big house and a little house, which is kinda funny, because both houses only had one bedroom. The big house had a kitchen. The little house had a front porch, a bedroom and an attic, that is where my sister and I slept on cots in the summer heat for many years and many giggles. So very hot, but I don’t remember complaining  at all.

Then my grandparents added another bedroom onto the big house. Then Ellyn and I got to sleep there and my brothers had to sleep in the attic. There was still no air conditioning, but we were in the big house.

I just remember laughing all the time and having fun! I remember the moon landing.

Everything seemed so much better when we were there. We had Christmas in July. My great aunts and uncles would bring presents for us. How can you not love that?

Oh and we would go into Cape May and go to the beach a few times, not sure why though. The sand was so sticky and it was so crowded. There were blankets and umbrellas. It was so different from Florida. They kept putting me up on things too.


The memories are great though! Oh they had an outdoor shower only and they used Zest. To this day that smell makes me smile. We were so lucky!

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