What Would You do?

Unknown-4 This is a show on Friday night. It has actors act out situations and how would normal people react. One of the situations was a single mom promising her son any toy in a toy store because he had made straight “A’s”. The problem was she was short by $9. A lot of people stepped up an just gave her the money.

The point of the story for me was I was at the zoo with my nieces one day many years ago and we had walked and walked and walked. We had a great day, but then we walked again across the street to get ice cream. It was a long walk across the street, across the parking lot. We get there and the two girls order their ice cream and then I find out, they only take cash. The problem, the ATM is at the zoo, I am so tired. I don’t want to leave them. We had already ordered and I was sweating. So this happened, the man behind me paid for it. I wanted to pay him back. I asked for his card. He was just kind and paid for it. It was so hard for me but of course I had to accept. I was not used to accepting help, it is something I am learning to accept. I am learning to accept help, I know how to give help. What I do know is God is good.

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