Spiller Park…

Ponce de Leon Park was also known as Spiller Park or Spiller Field from 1924 to 1932 and Poncey to the locals. It was the primary home field for the minor league baseball team called the Atlanta Crackers for nearly six decades…

The Crackers played here in the Southern Association 1907 – 1959 and the International League 1962 – 64. It was also the home of the Atlanta Black Crackers.

The ballpark was located at 650 Ponce de Leon Ave. The street ran along the southside of the park – along the first base side. The outfield was  on the tracks of the Southern Railway, now part of the Beltline…Unknown

Across the street was the Ponce de Leon Amusement Park until 1926 when the huge Sears Roebuck Southeastern Headquarters were built, now know as Ponce City Market…


The park was known for a magnolia tree in deep center field. Balls landing in the tree remained in play until Earl Mann took over the team in 1947 and moved the outfield wall in about 50 feet.

During exhibition games Babe Ruth and Edie Matthews hit home runs thatIMG_5641 stuck in the tree.

The famous magnolia is still standing along the Beltline Trail… So much history!

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