Spiller Park Coffee…

Spiller Park Coffee opened it’s first coffee kiosk in Ponce City Market, across the street from where the Spiller Park Baseball field used to be in Atlanta. images-1

Dale Donchey co-owns Spiller Park with Georgia restauranteur Hugh Acheson (Empire State South, Five & Ten)images-2

So, they opened a second store, but this one has walls and it’s near my home. Unknown I went there the other day with Catherine and her mother, Ann. We had hot tea and an iced tea and it was excellent. It’s really cool interior with garage style walls that open to the outside, when the weather permits. (Hugh Acheson did come in while we were there. He is also a judge on Top Chef. I think he’s quirky and entertaining)

There are not too many menu choices, I will be interested to see where they go with that.

I don’t drink coffee, but the tea was really good, give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Spiller Park Coffee…”

  1. I read your article on Ponce city Market. And
    Spiller place.
    Ed and I took a tour of the place before it was redone.
    Ed’s dad worked in that building on a night shift while studying at Tech. He has a bunch of stories about it.
    Not sure you will get this email. Jut shy to post in public.

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