Matthews Cafeteria

images Matthews Cafeteria is in Tucker, Georgia. This is about 20 minutes away from me. It is a true cafeteria, just trays and trays of hot food.Unknown

The desserts are the first thing you encounter. I pass them up ready for true comfort food. Their fried chicken is very good, but this day I was interested in meatloaf.


This looks burnt, but it wasn’t. It was exactly what I yearned for, that scrumptious warm loaf of meat goodness, tastes like your grandmother made it. One side was mashed potatoes. They just made the meat loaf so much better. Second side was lima beans. I love lima beans!


I usually do not get the roll, but it was the last carb necessary for the best comfort lunch ever. To finish it off, sweet tea. Come on, you know you are craving this right now.

2 thoughts on “Matthews Cafeteria”

  1. OMP – This looks heavenly!! And Tucker is not too far away from us. I must put this on mom/dad’s list to visit. Thanks my friend. XOXO – Bacon

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