Mediterranean Food in Atlanta

There are many very good Mediterranean Restaurants in Atlanta. I love Mediterranean food. I love hummus, I have started making it myself, it is incredibly easy. We have a chain called Zoes Kitchen. I love their soups, Lentil, Tomato or Chicken and orzo, excellent. They just started serving baked Falafel, it was spicy and good, it was not as good as the Halal Guys. images They started with pushcarts in New York City and now we are so lucky to have a fast food restaurant here. IMG_9205-595x793

They have bowls like this but I love their sandwich in pita. They have this spicy sauce, it is delicious. My other favorite place is Yalla in Krog Street Market. YallaACVB

They have Laffa here for their sandwiches in addition to pita. Laffa is this large sheet of kinda pita. The sandwich is huge and delicious. Get the falafel or the chicken shwarma.

There are lot of great Mediterranean Restaurants in Atlanta. Oh, for belly dancing on Friday and Saturday nights and great food you need to go to Nicola’s and he will be dancing too!


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