Quest for the Best – Slip on Athletic Shoes (or sneakers)

I noticed my neighbor/friend has these slip on shoes he wears almost every day walking the dogs. Then, I noticed my brother and niece wearing a pair and I was like, “I have to have them.”

I recently read that Baby Boomers are still wearing awful crocs. Yes, I do wear them at night, like slippers. I have transitioned into flip flops for the summer though. Anyhoo…

I started going to DSW, nope, nothing fit right. Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, this is an amazing store but definitely nope. Macy’s, uh uh, nope, they have some fancy ones with gold on them, yuck. A couple more stores but nothing.

Then I looked in my closet. I found not the cute slip ons I was seeking but comfy slip ons I already had.


Fairly new converse, I need to wear these in. I had some in high school, red ones and a pair of white ones. (my best friend Bunny had the cool purple ones) These will be comfy I am sure…


On the same note as the Converse these are Taos and VERY comfortable.  I love these, they are a tad heavy, but just a bit.


These are Merrills, so comfortable. These are like going barefoot. These make it a little challenging when hiking on rocks and such. Yes, and such…IMG_1143

These are Merrills also, but the sole is a little thicker so I can walk on rocks. These might be my slip ons then. (They aren’t as cute though). So comfort does outweigh cute, as shown by the crocs phenomenon. I will keep my eyes open though.

2 thoughts on “Quest for the Best – Slip on Athletic Shoes (or sneakers)”

  1. A friend gave me a pair of Skechers YOU Walk that she had bought at Ross but could not wear after some foot surgery. Most comfortable shoe I’ve had on my feet in a very long time.

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