Yogurt – Yummy

When I was a teenager I would eat yogurt to lose weight, I thought it was good for you and it tasted okay and it filled me up. Then I decided I really didn’t like it that much.

Then Greek yogurt came out and it was supposed to taste better and be even better for you, so I started eating that, recently. It was good, mixed with blueberries and this super yummy granola I found… Purely Elizabeth. This Granola is out of this world GREAT!IMG_1153

They have different varieties which are all excellent.

Then, I found Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt. This yogurt is a treat, it is scrumptious! IMG_1150

Yes, I did add granola and fresh strawberries to it, which was so great, but it is so good on it’s own too. (Try the coconut! It will blow your socks off!)

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