Rainy Saturday (thru next Tuesday)

We are getting much needed rain all day today through next Tuesday. It was really coming down early this morning. Bradley Cooper and I got out and got a brief walk before the downpour. Then, I went to feed him, uh oh, I am going to run out of his food by tomorrow.

I started feeding him a “raw” diet. There is raw beef bone in it and some heart but also a ton of veggies and nutrients and fish oil, it’s one of the healthiest diets he has ever been on. So very good for him! IMG_1174

I have to go to a special Dog Food store in midtown to get his food. IMG_1170

Out of food??? What???, no it will not happen. His little selfie.

I put on my rain boots and go to trek out. IMG_1165

I put on the boots because all of the water from my street runs into my carport…


Well this early bird had to wait till 10:30 to get the worm. Getting there early did not pay off, or did it? I had  to kill some time, so, I went and grabbed an Egg McMuffin. I can poo poo fast food in general but an Egg McMuffin is pure goodness.  I can say nothing bad about it because it is simply heavenly.

The rain continues and we should all be thankful!

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