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Fall Festival on Ponce

Warning : There is a ton of cuteness in this post!

Coop and I went to the Fall Festival on Ponce. Let me first show you this kids area. IMG_6431   IMG_6432   IMG_6433   IMG_6434How fun would this be?

The place was packed but what we came upon on arrival was this….IMG_6436Is this little Sophie not adorable? IMG_6437Okay really cute right, but wait, then we ran into this…IMG_6440A Tricolor King Charles Spaniel named Charlie.IMG_6441  5 months old..IMG_6445His mom wanted to change his name to Matthew McConaughey when I told her Bradley Cooper’s name. Trail 3It was a great fun interesting day!

Fall Festival on Ponce!

The Fall Festival on Ponce is an excellent Staycation idea for the whole family.IMG_3689They had so many rides and bouncy things and very happy children. There were a lot of super nice vendors with all kinds of artwork.IMG_3684It helped that the weather was super nice.

We saw two other King Charles Spaniels today also.IMG_3686They were tricolor King Charles. Oh and this cool artist I met told me the King Charles Spaniel is the most painted dog in history, because Kings owned them and all had portraits of themselves painted.

They had a few food trucks too.IMG_3697This festival is held in the fall and in the spring. There are a tone of fall festivals for you to enjoy during your Staycation.