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Horseback Riding and Hooters!

Today was my nieces 15th Birthday! IMG_5655        I remember the first time I met her and now it is hard to believe she is this AWESOME young lady. (Well not too hard to believer because she has always been so remarkable!)

So, we decided to go horseback riding at Lake Lanier.IMG_5653Lake Lanier is about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. This is Susan’s horse Noodle…IMG_5649It was a trail ride and lasted about 45 minutes. Lake Lanier Horse 2It was peaceful and lovely. We saw two baby deer and a gosling. At the end of the ride my horse was ready to get back (it was HOT) She tried to bolt ahead, which made it really fun.

We we all hungry afterwards. We headed back to town for a big birthday lunch at Hooters. IMG_5657Okay, I did mention to our server, Gabby, that is was Ella’s Birthday. IMG_5659Ella was totally embarrassed, but, a good sport. The servers and the whole restaurant clapped and were into the singing. IMG_5662Happy Birthday to such a sweet person!!!