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Yummy Nachos

Nachos 3I started out with some diced onions in some ground beef and I used a poblano pepper too, browned the ground beef, added in some Herdez salsa, collards 9 And then I added in Ducal refried beans. Place some Xochil tortilla chips on the cookie sheet and I am usually meticulous about spreading the meat mixture on each chip, this time, I just placed it all over. Then the cheese, I had a shredded quesadilla cheese but you can use just about anything. Throw it into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Now, here’s what does it, chop up fresh tomatoes, an avocado some lettuce and some jalapeños but then a drizzle of jalapeño ranch dressing and a drizzle of the salsa – Heaven!Nachos 1