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Historic Oakland Cemetery

Staycationers Historic Oakland Cemetery is a great place to visit. IMG_5954

IMG_6004It is a huge gardening cemetery. IMG_5959  IMG_5999

This is Maynard Jackson’s grave.IMG_5962He was Atlanta’s first African American Mayor and served for three terms. Atlanta’s airport is named Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

This is where Bobby Jones is buried. IMG_5989

Then across the street is Six Feet Under…a restaurant.IMG_5969More about that later.

Atlanta Movie Tours, The Margaret Mitchell Tour

ImageAtlanta Movie Tours have a few different tours available. A Walking Dead Tour, What’s Filming in Atlanta, Gone with the Wind Tour. My neighbor, Melissa and I were lucky enough to to on the Gone with the Wind Tour. Our tour guide was Margaret Mitchell herself! ImageIsn’t she cute? She was witty, clever and wise, pretty cool for being dead for so long. She showed us her home, you know the Margaret Mitchell house in Midtown. Well, it was an apartment in the house. It was really cute. Here’s the kitchen.ImageMy kitchen is small, but can you even imagine it? The tour takes you to The Margaret Mitchell House, Oakland Cemetery, and The Downtown Library.

ImageThis is her headstone. I really think the tour was great and I hope to go on another one. It is amazing all of the little facts about our great city that you can learn. It was truly amazing. 

Oakland Cemetery

ImageImageImageImageImageOakland Cemetery is a great place to visit for the day. I went for a two hour tour this morning, it was a really quick two hours. So many things to see, Bobby Jone’s grave site, has a golf hole next to his headstone. So many interesting facts and people. The tour this morning was given by volunteer and my friend Melissa, she did an outstanding job.

After the tour you can keep going around the cemetery or go get some lunch at Six Feet Under (that’s what I did, oh you get a $5.00 discount) I ordered the seafood stew with fried green tomatoes and jalapeno hushpuppies. Yes, it was a lot of food, but, they have to go boxes. It was very good. The stew was great, good spice and flavor, with the seafood cooked perfectly. The fried green tomatoes were very good, the sauce on them was awesome. The hushpuppies were just okay, but my dad makes the best hushpuppies, so, it is hard to compare. ImageLet me know if you make it out there, or if you have any questions. Happy Weekend!!!