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Chinese New Year

2015-atlanta-chinese-lunar-new-year-festival-88It is the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) and we celebrated at the Culture Center of Taipei & Cultural Office in Atlanta.IMG_4560We sampled dumplings and noodles, buns and wraps. They have food stalls all around the perimeter of the Center. Then we went outside for the Lion Dance.IMG_4561  IMG_4568   IMG_4576IMG_4601IMG_4617But the best part is this….IMG_4610

IMG_4611   IMG_4659Then next the Dragon roared out….

IMG_4623   IMG_4633   IMG_4627   IMG_4655It was great fun!

Then we went to get some Pho…pho1We went to Pho Bac and it is located in a shopping center where they were setting off firecrackers at each place of business. It sounded like it was pouring down rain outside.Then the Dragons were back. IMG_4672  IMG_4674They are setting off tons of firecrackers and yet exhaustion set in on this little one. IMG_4676Happy New Year!

Pho Bac

IMG_4453Today’s comfort food is Pho from Pho Bac on Buford Highway across from the CDCIMG_4455This is the most craveable dish in town.pho1They bring you a plate of sprouts and basil and jalapeños.pho2If you see that little bowl next to the plate it is filled with Chili sauce that I dip the steak from the pho into, yummy!pho 5You can add any of these to help flavor your pho but I love the richness of the broth as is.

Again, if there is anything you would like to see specifically let me know.