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Maison Robert – Chocolatier Amazing

My niece passed her Driving Learners Permit test today, so she asked what should we do? Drive and Celebrate I replied. We went to a parking lot and she drove. Then she got bored so we went to have Pho…Pho 1It is soooo good, ridiculous!Pho2But then, we ventured on to Maison Robert….IMG_5665It is a Chocolatier in Chamblee. IMG_5668    This place has excellent chocolates and gifts…IMG_5670  IMG_5671

IMG_5672 We ordered two of about four different truffles. (They are very small, don’t judge) They are really great, really. It is a super cute spot and they have classes. IMG_5676

IMG_5673They have sandwiches and salads too. The building is really cool too. IMG_5679

Saigon Cafe

IMG_4742   IMG_4733Okay I needed to try a new Pho place for Staycationers. So, I drove towards Decatur and stopped in at Saigon Cafe…I was very glad I did.

Saigon 2It is a comfy spot.Saigon 3I started with Cha Gio Chay which is shredded cabbage, celery, mushrooms and carrots wrapped in rice paper and deep fried. It was good, but there is so much soup in the medium, too much food. (How could it ever be too much, huh?)

Saigon 1 I order the Pho Tai – it is thin rare eye round steak that is cooked in the broth right in your bowl with rice noodles and topped with scallions and onions and whatever else you would like to put in it from here…Saigon 6The bean sprouts with cilantro and basil and jalepenos.Saigon 5These jalepenos are super spicy and super good!

My verdict is it is very good. The broth is not as deep as Pho Bac, but it is very good and the meat is actually more flavorful.

Oh, and if you are a record collector, two doors down is a vinyl store…IMG_4738 It is a great option in the neighborhood!

Chinese New Year

2015-atlanta-chinese-lunar-new-year-festival-88It is the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) and we celebrated at the Culture Center of Taipei & Cultural Office in Atlanta.IMG_4560We sampled dumplings and noodles, buns and wraps. They have food stalls all around the perimeter of the Center. Then we went outside for the Lion Dance.IMG_4561  IMG_4568   IMG_4576IMG_4601IMG_4617But the best part is this….IMG_4610

IMG_4611   IMG_4659Then next the Dragon roared out….

IMG_4623   IMG_4633   IMG_4627   IMG_4655It was great fun!

Then we went to get some Pho…pho1We went to Pho Bac and it is located in a shopping center where they were setting off firecrackers at each place of business. It sounded like it was pouring down rain outside.Then the Dragons were back. IMG_4672  IMG_4674They are setting off tons of firecrackers and yet exhaustion set in on this little one. IMG_4676Happy New Year!

Pho Bac

IMG_4453Today’s comfort food is Pho from Pho Bac on Buford Highway across from the CDCIMG_4455This is the most craveable dish in town.pho1They bring you a plate of sprouts and basil and jalapeños.pho2If you see that little bowl next to the plate it is filled with Chili sauce that I dip the steak from the pho into, yummy!pho 5You can add any of these to help flavor your pho but I love the richness of the broth as is.

Again, if there is anything you would like to see specifically let me know.