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Quest for the Best – Fajitas – Red Pepper Tacqueria

It’s back, Quest for the Best – Fajitas. I took a brief break from the Fajita Road for a few weeks and I came back strong, I thought I had a great contender. Red Pepper Tacqueria is a great Mexican restaurant near me with at least one other restaurant.  All of the tacos I have had there in the past have been great! So, it was time to test their fajitas. Fajitas #1The first fajita was excellent. They had a good amount of flavor in the chicken itself, then they used Zucchini and Yellow Squash along with peppers and onions (I personally would have liked a garlic flavor in there too). The guacamole was excellent! But, as I have stated in previous blogs the problem is the cut the chicken before it could rest and all of the juices run out and the flavor goes with it.  So, fajita number two was disappointing. It was sad because it could be great and the rest of their food is very good, to great.

I started with the Tortilla Soup. Fajitas #3It was a huge cup of deliciousness. Lot’s of veggies in there with strips of chicken and a full lovely broth.

So, the quest continues, more later!