It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Decatur

IMG_4004Atlanta is made up of a lot of little towns and neighborhoods and one of my favorites is Decatur. Today when I visited the Square in downtown Decatur, they had up their Christmas decorations and were playing Christmas tunes. IMG_4001Music was coming from here. It actually put me in a great mood. Then to see kids running and playing around. IMG_4012Jumping! IMG_4015Climbing on cannons! IMG_4021Walking the dogs!IMG_4018Taking the Christmas photo on the Courthouse steps!IMG_4024Oh and parking is free on Sundays! Let’s visit again next week! You want to come?IMG_3999

11 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Decatur”

  1. I swear I was just in your neck of the woods. Norcross to be exact. Took a red eye and left at 430 same day

      1. Anything but fun… If you checked out my old blog, it was about the woman i fell in love with 15 years ago. The once beautiful woman i knew had degraded to a raving alcoholic. I got her to a courtyard in norcross then now today she is enter a treatment center in Smyrna.. I got her into one thank goodness.

  2. Was just in Decatur a few weeks ago – had dinner and cocktails at The Brick Store pub. Was absolutely delicious, especially the Creme Brulee! We’ve also been to the Iberian Pig and loved their tapas as well as music showcased at Eddie’s Attic. LOVE Decatur. Very ecclectic.

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