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Woodlands Garden

On Cinco de Mayo I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was a disaster! I am not going to name the restaurant, because I have been there before and it was just a really really really bad experience yesterday.

So, I needed some peace….IMG_5150So, I went to Woodlands Garden. This is off of North Decatur near Clairmont Road.   IMG_5145It is beautiful escape in the middle of the city.

IMG_5152    IMG_5155This is the amphitheater.

Cute huh? IMG_5164This is called covered seating, original naming.IMG_5160IMG_5161Such an adorable plant.

IMG_5171  IMG_5172

This is such a peaceful relaxing lovely garden I suggest you all visit soon! IMG_5159

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Decatur

IMG_4004Atlanta is made up of a lot of little towns and neighborhoods and one of my favorites is Decatur. Today when I visited the Square in downtown Decatur, they had up their Christmas decorations and were playing Christmas tunes. IMG_4001Music was coming from here. It actually put me in a great mood. Then to see kids running and playing around. IMG_4012Jumping! IMG_4015Climbing on cannons! IMG_4021Walking the dogs!IMG_4018Taking the Christmas photo on the Courthouse steps!IMG_4024Oh and parking is free on Sundays! Let’s visit again next week! You want to come?IMG_3999

AJC Decatur Book Festival, it was crazy!

IMG_3004I have been to a lot of Festivals in Decatur but this was my first Book Festival. It was packed! There were books galore! There were books for everyone, young and old and everyone in between. Oh and you won’t believe who was there.IMG_3018That is right, Spidy was there. There were food trucks and of course The King of Pops, and balloon animals and hats.IMG_3013I wanted to get this posted so you could make it tomorrow.IMG_3011

IMG_3021Let me know what you think! Have a great time.