Oglethorpe University

A Staycation Idea is to visit a local University, today’s visit was to Oglethorpe University.IMG_4231Oglethorpe University was founded in 1835 and it was started in 1835 with 4 faculty members and 25 students but it was located in Midway, a small community near Milledgeville GA, then the capital of Georgia.

The University closed in 1862 due to the Civil War when the students were soldiers. It lost its endowment because it was in Confederate bonds. Its buildings were barracks and hospitals. In 1870 the institution was briefly relocated in downtown Atlanta, where the present day city hall is.

In 1872 it closed its doors for a second time.IMG_4253

Oglethorpe was rechartered and in 1915 the cornerstone to the new campus was laid at its current location on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. IMG_4236It is a cool self contained Gothic Campus near Buckhead.IMG_4238It is a spectacular campus and well worth a visit.

One very interesting fact is The Crypt of Civilization, the first modern day time capsule is on this campus and not to be opened till the year 8113 AD.

I will be visiting other campuses. Let me know if there are any of real interest to you!IMG_4247

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