The Northside BeltLine Trail

Another day another trail….IMG_4429All around Atlanta there are BeltLine Trails. This one is about a mile long and runs from Bobby Jones Golf Course IMG_4441This is a running, biking and walking path. The path runs along Tanyard Creek.IMG_4450There are two great playgrounds an open field that turns into a dog park when people get off of work. It goes underneath a railroad trestle.

IMG_3419(This is actually the Atlanta BeltLine Railroad corridor)

It then goes through Ardmore Park IMG_3409You can walk up to Ardmore Road and then go up to Peachtree Road and follow it back down to Colonial Hills Road and complete the loop. IMG_4448I will show you some more trails this year, whew there are so many.

7 thoughts on “The Northside BeltLine Trail”

      1. I went to that Lenox Mall and that other mall… I still liked the perimeter mall

      2. Off The 285… Doesnt look like ill be heading there anytime soon… Unfortunately:(

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