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Atlanta Beltline

We started in The Old Fourth Ward and climbed up to the Beltline. IMG_5648  This is looking down at the Old Fourth Ward from the Beltline…IMG_5647

The Beltline is very well kept and has amazing artwork and architecture on the walk. IMG_5577This is Ponce City Market, it is going to be super cool for great shops and unique places to eat.IMG_5644Cool artwork on the Beltline!IMG_5585   IMG_5600    IMG_5609    IMG_5624

IMG_5627  IMG_5640

The Beltline leads you into Piedmont Park and this group of bike riders came up behind me…IMG_5634 Apparently the Atlanta Police must have a bike riding series for kids for the summer…pretty cool!

If you have the chance, you really need to check it out…IMG_5590(Additional information….this was built on old railway corridors and the Ponce City Market was the old Sears Building. The trains would run directly into the Sears Building, thus this sign…IMG_5580Pretty cool huh?)

Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward Park

IMG_4816     IMG_4805Staycationers will definitely enjoy a visit to this wonderful park located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward behind Ponce City Market and stretches south to Freedom Parkway and the Carter Center. IMG_4812This was the site of the old Ponce de Leon Amusement Park and it butts up to the BeltLine Trail.

IMG_4829It was a gorgeous day. The playground is one of the nicest I have seen.

IMG_4822  This mural was down the street from the park, interesting.    IMG_4826This park has really changed this area, it really used to be a scary part of town. The BeltLine trail has had an amazing effect on the city too!

The Northside BeltLine Trail

Another day another trail….IMG_4429All around Atlanta there are BeltLine Trails. This one is about a mile long and runs from Bobby Jones Golf Course IMG_4441This is a running, biking and walking path. The path runs along Tanyard Creek.IMG_4450There are two great playgrounds an open field that turns into a dog park when people get off of work. It goes underneath a railroad trestle.

IMG_3419(This is actually the Atlanta BeltLine Railroad corridor)

It then goes through Ardmore Park IMG_3409You can walk up to Ardmore Road and then go up to Peachtree Road and follow it back down to Colonial Hills Road and complete the loop. IMG_4448I will show you some more trails this year, whew there are so many.