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Walking on The Beltline

My neighbor Josi has her niece and nephew spending the weekend with her, along with their friend Kelly. They invited me to go walk on the belt line with them this afternoon.

So, off we went…IMG_7432

There was a drummer and a sax player playing some music. Oakley really heard the beat and loved it. IMG_7442.jpg

This is Oakley…and next is the DANCE….IMG_7446IMG_7447IMG_7448

She was having a blast.IMG_7450

If you have a chance, you should check out The Beltline.



Mostly Wordless Wednesday

The Beltline revisited…IMG_6102We started right up from The Old Fourth Ward…. IMG_6073We walked to Krog Street and then back and past Kevin Rathbun’s Restaurant. IMG_6081Oh before that we went past IceBox Company, they print t-shirts and jackets etc. really very cool. It says so on their sign.

Then this really cool graffiti, I love it!

It is a fun walk, nice people watching, cute pups, skateboarders, and graffiti.

Beltline to Inman Park….

IMG_3773IMG_6102If you go this way on the Beltline, you end up in Piedmont Park, but if you go the other way you end up in Inman Park. IMG_6057Piedmont Park, is a park with grass and trees and a pool and dog parks. IMG_3423Inman Park is a neighborhood with homes and apartments and lots of great restaurants.IMG_6078   IMG_6081This is the patio at Kevin Rathbun’s Steak, it smells great. IMG_6072This is a super cool mural that if you look closely, the woman is on scaffolding and painting. This is for The Icebox, a great promotional producer. T-shirts Hats Jackets etc.IMG_6092Parish a yummy awesome restaurant.IMG_6091 Oh and there is some really cool artwork along the way. IMG_6096Oh and there is a skatepark.IMG_3773  IMG_3786This is a great fun way to spend the day and if walking isn’t your thing, there are bike rental places. It is really fun!

The Northside BeltLine Trail

Another day another trail….IMG_4429All around Atlanta there are BeltLine Trails. This one is about a mile long and runs from Bobby Jones Golf Course IMG_4441This is a running, biking and walking path. The path runs along Tanyard Creek.IMG_4450There are two great playgrounds an open field that turns into a dog park when people get off of work. It goes underneath a railroad trestle.

IMG_3419(This is actually the Atlanta BeltLine Railroad corridor)

It then goes through Ardmore Park IMG_3409You can walk up to Ardmore Road and then go up to Peachtree Road and follow it back down to Colonial Hills Road and complete the loop. IMG_4448I will show you some more trails this year, whew there are so many.