Ice off the Trail

It was really super cold in Atlanta last week, not as cold as up North but cold for us southerners. So, Coop wanted to go off the trail…IMG_4523He is very persuasive.IMG_4528So we walked down to the dam.IMG_4535I am going to go on the other side to see if I can get a better picture. IMG_4537They knocked a hole in the dam so, the creek could flow through. IMG_4545Then I saw the ice on the rock. IMG_4546

We came across this cute bench off the trail. IMG_4551Well the weather people are reporting we might get snow again tonight. Things go crazy if there might be snow or if there is snow. People hoard bread and milk, go figure….I just make sure I get to the liquor store.

12 thoughts on “Ice off the Trail”

  1. I shiver these days with temperatures below 65 degrees. I remember only too clearly my snow/ice/blizzard days in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nevada and trying to walk or drive in them.Now, in Southern California, I stay comfortable most of the year, despite the drought. It’s always something to contend with.

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