Oldcastle Nature Trail


The Oldcastle Nature Trail at the Marcus Autism Center is next to the Marcus Autism Center off of Briarcliff Road.

Sidenote: The Marcus Autism Center offers families access to the latest research, comprehensive evaluations and intensive behavior treatments. It is on of the largest Autism Centers in the United States.

It is a very shady very well kept trail….IMG_7239

It is not really long, but part of it goes up a trail and up a hill with exercise stations alone the way. It winds it’s way back down to a large field and steps up to a school. It’s a fun little trail IMG_7238


It wore little Bradley Cooper out, he is snoring by my side right now….Go out and take a walk!IMG_7243

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo 4\

How to have healthy fajitas for Cinco de Mayo…..you could use corn tortillas rather than flour, but to really amp it up, use lettuce, Boston lettuce.

Cinco de Mayo 3

Marinate the chicken overnight and either grill it or pan fry in coconut oil. Make the pico de gallo the day before too. You can then use it with avocados for a yummy guacamole.

Cinco de Mayo 1

I hope everyone had a great day! Let me know if you need any recipes. Buenas  Noches

Gardening in the “Hood”


My neighbor Will put his garden in first and he has a much more diverse assortment of veggies.He tilled out part of his yard to create his garden this year. (That would be a whole separate blog on the “tilling incident”) He used Epsom Salts and his garden exploded. I had never heard of using Epsom Salts but I looked it up and it’s quite common and well known.


This is one of my neighbor’s raised bed garden and here is his other one….IMG_7236

He started his garden before mine. (He needs to do some weeding.) He did not think using Epsom Salts would make a difference, so we will see!


This is my garden.


I am doing an experiment with my garden. This part of the garden I bought the plants from The Home Depot.


This part I purchased the plants from Pikes Nursery. (A local chain of nurseries) I will keep you posted with the results. It’s really not scientific just fun!