Johnny’s Barbecue in Powder Springs

IMG_7658This is not a review, just a view and some comments. Traveling to Patak’s yesterday I decided to stop in here for lunch. Always up for barbecue, I thought I would give it a try. It was a big open room with a country store on the side. IMG_7656

I asked my sweet waitress what she recommended, and she started talking and I thought I was in a foreign land. She had a super strong accent, southern,(yes I am from the south but sometimes it’s a blur)  but she was talking so fast also, and something about everyone orders the hickory fries, so she guessed that would be the thing to get. It was cheese fries with BBQ on top and your choice of salad dressing. So, I thought I would try it. I ordered the small, thank goodness. Their hot sauce is very HOT. It was good, really. I just don’t usually get that sort of thing, but I love a good fry! Here’s the kicker though, the check came. It was only $3.50. Now, you can’t beat that. I would like to try their chicken next time.


It was cute and kitschy. I will be back to try more.

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