It is very hard to photograph the moon. It always appears smaller than you think it will. The SuperMoon is super close to the earth.This is the largest moon since 1948, or the largest it has looked.


By the light, by the light of the silvery moon of the moon of the moon. The next time the moon will come this close is Nov. 25, 2034.


Bradley Cooper grew impatient waiting on the front porch.


Hope everyone got a glimpse tonight!

Yeah Burger

unknown This was my first visit to Yeah! Burger, I might have a new favorite burger in town. Holman and Finch burger was my favorite, but today’s burger might change that. I will have to try another visit though.

You can order the kind of meat you would like grain fed beef, or bison, turkey, chicken or two different veggie burgers. You pick your own bread, but the white or whole wheat are Holman and Finch breads, which really make a huge difference. Pick your condiments, and they offer a lot of different sauces and such. Then it’s toppings, like lettuce tomatoes and pickles. You can add bacon or avocado and others. Oh, you can pick your own cheese too.

I picked the grain fed beef on whole wheat with white cheddar, ketchup and yellow mustard, dill pickles, bibb lettuce and tomatoes, everything is organic. You get to pick the temperature of your meat too, I choose medium.  I picked 50/50 half fries and half onion rings.images

The burger was out of this world. The meat was cooked perfectly and it meshed with all the ingredients. Just the perfect amount of ketchup and mustard. The pickles threw it over the top! But wait, the fries are also the best I have had in a long time. (Yes, the onion rings were great too,)

If the excellent food wasn’t enough the service was outstanding. Super super nice.

Please give it a try and let me know your feelings….

Descendants of Royalty

Bradley Cooper, IMG_7674

is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He definitely is a descendant of royalty, he definitely thinks he is.

So, I tell my neighbor, Laura the truth, I too am a descendant of royalty. Many centuries ago , my great, great great grandfather lived in the Alsace-Lorraine area, he was a King, with a kingdom. He fell in love with a maid. He sent her to America and then he followed.

My grandmother told me this, no facts, just a love story. I knew it was true.

My saying has always been, “Be Sweet and Kind and always have something nice to say to your inferiors.”  (wink wink)


The Whoopee Cushion Crisis

My neighbor’s daughter, Abby got a whoopee cushion yesterday and the fun started like crazy! images under her mother’s chair….always a laugh.

This morning she put it under a cushion and kept asking me to sit down. I picked up the cushion and saw it. I messed up the fun but that was not where the crisis began.

Abby blew up the cushion, put it on the sofa and put a cushion over it and then sat on it. No fart, no fart, it blew up. There was a large bang then she picked up the cushion and we saw the hole in the whoopee cushion. Then the waterworks began. The end of the world, the loss of a best friend all the same degree as a ruined whoopee cushion. This is the description of the world of a 7 1/2 year old girl.

I told her I would get a new one, kind of a mistake. They purchased the whoopee cushion from Richard’s Variety Store (there is a whole blog on this store and it is all good) Now, Richard’s Variety store is in the same shopping area as Trader Joe’s, this grocery store is always in an area with horrible parking. Every single Trader Joe’s has horrible parking. So, after 15 minutes driving around the parking lot with no luck, and people’s tempers were wearing thin. I had a plan. I went across the street to La Hacienda and had lunch and I asked if it would be okay to leave my car while I ran across the street. Problem solved!

Went to Richard’s and scored a new replaced whoopee cushion!