Favorite Kitties in the Hood

Two Kitties on my street are my favorites! First is Mouse. IMG_0577

He is a sweet small boy who was in love with my dog Navin. Navin is no longer with us but Mouse visits every once in a while.IMG_8917

If I see paw prints on my car, I know Mouse has been there.

One reason he visits less is my next door neighbor’s cat Punkin, has adopted me.


She is a Manx and a sassy little kitty! IMG_8871

Sometimes I will come out to my Screened Porch to see this…


She is beautiful!

Meatless Monday

I googled “best veggie burger in Atlanta”, Grindhouse Killer Burgers came up a lot. I thought I should try them out for veggie burgers. (I have have had the meat variety and it is very good, french fries are okay)

It is a great looking burger of the black bean Quinoa version of a veggie burger. It was good, but not the best, in my mind. I have a problem, I have the memory of the best veggie burger ever. It was many years in college, a SunBuger. Would it be as good today?

I am on another quest, I will find the best veggie burger in Atlanta, while trying to create one in my kitchen. I will keep you posted.348s.jpg

Salmon Gritcakes


Earlier this week, I decided to try to grill salmon on cedar planks. It wasn’t as smokey as I hoped but it was extremely moist and yummy. I had some leftover salmon and leftover cheese grits (made with parmesan cheese and red and yellow peppers onions and jalepenos).

So, I thought, put them together and make a salmon grit cake. I used some bread crumbs and put a tiny amount of oil in the pan. IMG_0116.JPG

I served it with a tomato…


It was delicious.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Really, it’s Gus’s World Famous Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken. So, I was driving by and whoa, how could I not stop?

(The parking lot was packed when I first drove by.) My waitress was super nice. Here it is the truth, this chicken is REALLY GREAT!IMG_4363

It carries the perfect amount of heat. It comes with cole slaw and baked beans but you can substitute a bunch of other sides, mac and cheese, fries, collard greens, fried okra etc…


Apparently there are 3 locations in Atlanta, downtown, Chamblee, and Sandy Springs. This is going to be craveable. It is so, unbelievably good!


I was going to blog about Bradley Cooper being my copilot. I took these photos and threw some of them out… here are a couple.


Not too cute huh? Too much air in his eye.


Just a little too close and he looks a little crazy. (usually so photogenic)


You gotta love him though! Thanks for riding with me! (We are working on a new project!)