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Sweet Auburn Market (Downtown)

ImageImageImageSweet Auburn Market is a fun place to explore. There are at least a dozen places to grab something to eat, from Rawesome Juicery to BBQ, Southern cooking, Coffee, and a Hot dog eatery, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Praline Connections. 

If you are looking for fresh produce and vegetables they are there too. The most impressive area was the meat and seafood area. Any kind of meat, and any cut of meat was there. The seafood looked awesome, and the prices looked excellent.

All that being said, I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with Brunswick stew as a side. The Brunswick stew was very good. The cole slaw was good. The spicy bread and butter pickles were great. The pulled pork was a let down, dry and tasteless. I will go back and try their other options though.

Staycation Atlanta first visit. Peachtree/DeKalb Airport

IMG_0788 IMG_0796

Our first trip is to Peachtree/DeKalb Airport or PDK. There is a seating area, you can watch planes take off and land. There is a playground for young kids. Underneath a big Magnolia tree is a picnic bench and a great option, to bring a picnic.

If you are hungry but didn’t pack a picnic it is okay you can head up to Downwind Restaurant. Downwind serves some excellent food. Their hamburgers are really great. They have a Gyro special, usually every day. I had a fish special there one day that was out of this world good!

They also have Biplane rides by Biplane Rides Over Atlanta Inc. They have different options for lengths of rides and areas covered. It looks like a blast!