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My Dad has Dementia

My blogs are usually light. This is not dark but just totally honest and highlighting something very important in my life, my dad. The dementia has changed him somewhat but underneath it all, there is still the very sweet kind man who was always there.

During the transition he went through some tough times. He didn’t understand what was happening and he was scared and he took it out on those around him. He ran into the neighbors mailbox and blamed it on the car. He started making lists to take to the store because he would forget why he was there. (But really don’t we all need to make lists?)

I spent a few days with him this past week, unfortunately it was a few days in the hospital. He taught me something about him. He doesn’t immediately know the answer to any question. It is something you need to draw out of him. I feel like we get so impatient and want immediate answers. If you remind him and kinda prod him, he gets it.

I think patience might be the answer to everything though. Let’s not be so quick to judge. Let’s try to wait and see what happens because you never know what is going to happen and if you are open to it you get to experience miracles and LOVE! IMG_5720