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Little Grand Canyon In Georgia

IMG_2477Providence State Park is located in Lumpkin Georgia, about 2 1/2 hours south of Atlanta. You basically go to Columbus Georgia and turn left. The view is breathtaking.  IMG_2444

It is a short hike down to the bottom of Canyons 1 and 2. Through 2 you can reach Canyons 3, 4 and 5. There’s some water running through the floor of the canyons, so, wear shoes you don’t mind getting clayy. IMG_2413

Then you look up and this is what you see. IMG_2418


Then you can go up the 3-mile White Blaze Trail, it takes about an hour and a half. It is a good hike, not too tough.  It is shady and there was  a nice breeze.IMG_2422

When you get to the top there are several overlook spots. IMG_2479

This is an awesome Staycation activity! You can go with family and/or friends. There are picnic tables if you pack up lunch.

Oh and there are really cool dragonflies!


Centennial Olympic Park II

ImageCentennial Olympic Park. is a great place to take the kids! or go down by yourself! or take your significant other. ImageYou can have a picnic in the shade.Image


Or you can go to Legal Seafood. Our trick is sharing. I recommend the Clam Chowder, get a cup, it is delicious! We split the Fish and Chips, spicy, it wasn’t very spicy but it was really awesome. The fish was so fresh and fried perfectly.Image

The kids can play in the fountain, bring a towel! Image

When all is done, try SkyView. It truly is fun!Image

It is not scary (there is a “panic” button just in case) The views are great! Image

It really has grown into a great destination in Atlanta. Let me know what kind of fun you have in the park.