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I found this quote from “Alice in Wonderland”:
-You know what the issue is with this World?
Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.-
I like that!
Thank you Lewis Carroll!

Yeah, if we want magical things happen to us, we have to believe that this is possible…
How simple!
But not so very easy…
I know.

Children don’t have any problem with it.
But when we grow older we loose that child’s magical way of thinking.
So we have to go back to our childhood to find the memories of that beautiful magical thinking and believe again that more magic will happen to us….

Two years ago I received a gift from my old Friend: a very nice T-shirt saying – I BELIEVE IN MAGIC. I like it very much. But I’m not wearing it.
Maybe because I believe in magic…

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The Crawfish Shack

Crawfish 1This is a hidden gem. The Crawfish Shack is off of Buford Highway. They have crawfish, obviously, but they also have awesome PoBoys. Crawfish 4These are shrimp PoBoys and Boudin Balls in the middle. crawfish 2This is the Grouper PoBoy. It is cooked perfectly. I will say one time I tried the Lobster Roll, it was a miss, but everything else I have tried is great. I even took my neighbor’s mother (from New Orleans) here and she got Gumbo and approved of it. They have really good fries too.Crawfish 3Except they give you way too many.

They do offer fried platters too, and steamed crab legs.

The owner is Vietnamese-Cambodian but he went to school or camp in Louisiana.

Historic Norcross – Zapata Tacos and Tequilla

IMG_4480This is the Norcross Train Depot and holds a new restaurant, The Crossing. For years it was The Norcross Station a very good restaurant. This is main street in Historic Norcross. IMG_4489It holds a bunch of shops and restaurants.IMG_4495  IMG_4501IMG_4488So there is Zapata, obviously a Mexican restaurant. Zap 8Traditional Chips and salsa to start.  Nice decor.Zap 1But the food is so different, there are no Speedy’s on the menu. They have this wonderful soup….Zap 4Sopa Azteca – a tomato and quajillo pepper based chicken broth – an avocado slice with pasilla pepper flakes, queso fresco crumbs and tortilla strips. Spectacular! Then the lunch entree, Enchiladas Verdes…Zap 3 soft corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken and covered with tomatillo sauce and imported white cheddar cheese, then topped with sour cream. served with refried beans and rice.

If you want to try a place that gives you traditional dishes in a homemade style. The food is out of this world.

Grub Burger Bar

A new restaurant opened near my house, Grub Burger Bar. Grub 1Sorry the photos are so bad, I used my phone. I ordered the Guacopolte Burger and Will ordered the Ghost Burger and we split them and shared. The Ghost Burger was so hot but SO Flavorful! I got the Skinny Fries and Will ordered the onion rings and we shared.The fries were very good and the onion rings were great. The burgers were excellent! Grub 2When I walked in this woman handed me a small cup with a shake in it. It was heavenly. This is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

The Pig and The Pearl

The Pig and The Pearl is a relatively new restaurant at Atlantic Station. It is really beautiful. Pig n Peearl 2When I arrived a little after noon, there was one other table with two people. I started with Smoked Devil Eggs with eggplant carpnota and crispy shallots.Pig n Pearl 3There were 3 of them.They were excellent. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich for lunch Pig n Pearl 6It was very good. The Fries were great. The pickle was not good. My waitress was super sweet, but service was slow, and there weren’t any people there, I would hate to be there with a crowd. Pig n Pearl 4I think it will be a challenge to keep this place open for lunch, maybe it is packed at dinner.

There are so many good restaurants at Atlantic Station. IMG_1262It’s a fun place to get away. IMG_1260