The Northside BeltLine Trail

Another day another trail….IMG_4429All around Atlanta there are BeltLine Trails. This one is about a mile long and runs from Bobby Jones Golf Course IMG_4441This is a running, biking and walking path. The path runs along Tanyard Creek.IMG_4450There are two great playgrounds an open field that turns into a dog park when people get off of work. It goes underneath a railroad trestle.

IMG_3419(This is actually the Atlanta BeltLine Railroad corridor)

It then goes through Ardmore Park IMG_3409You can walk up to Ardmore Road and then go up to Peachtree Road and follow it back down to Colonial Hills Road and complete the loop. IMG_4448I will show you some more trails this year, whew there are so many.

Walking the Trail Again

IMG_3996It has been so rainy for so long in Atlanta, it was so beautiful today. IMG_4394The trail starts out on a sidewalk and changes over to a boardwalk through the trees.IMG_4404It is so peaceful and tranquil. IMG_4400I should do a video so I can walk you through the trail with me. IMG_4425Then there is this really cool tree. It is the kind of tree that looks like it will come alive and grab you. Unlike the tree that sticks its tongue out.IMG_4428