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Garden 2020

I didn’t take a before photo of my garden, but I let it go for over a year, so it looked a little like this…IMG_2122 2

Okay maybe not this bad, but it was weedy and a lot of work.

Here is my little garden…

That’s 5 tomato plants and one jalepeno, one cucumber and one squash.

Here is it now…IMG_2124

Oh, the big plant in the back is oregano, it just never dies and comes back every year. I love tomatoes so, fingers crossed, I hope this works out well this year then I can make this…61125729775__DB16BF96-73B9-4911-A5D1-107080815663

and this….


I will keep you posted on the progress!

A walk in the park…

One of the things we do is go to the park, but we (Bradley Cooper and me) went a couple weeks ago and it was so crowded, too much for us.

I wanted to try again, so, I went alone. It was much much better. There was a Dad and his son…


A couple families picnicking…


I just wanted to hike..IMG_2776

It was a gorgeous day…IMG_2785IMG_2791IMG_2792

See, not too many people, perfect. People just out, keeping their distance. Getting some vitamin D.

What else is there to do, Coopie was working on his photo album…IMG_2802

Here are some books I have been reading…


More to come later…Let me know what you have been doing…

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Flyover

On Saturday there was a flyover by the BlueAngels and Thunderbirds. They flew over a few hospitals in the Atlanta area, to honor the people working the front lines. If you have ever seen a flyover, you know how awesome it truly is. It moves you through your body and wells up through your soul.

It was to start at 1:35.

I decided to walk up to a field behind a church up the street.


Here’s my cheer squad, Lola, Flash and Meatball.


Lola is lovely, as always.

I waited and then I heard the roar…

Then this is what I saw..


They flew around the other side to Emory Hospital and off of the expressway. It was a beautiful day though and a lot of other people in Atlanta enjoyed it!

Thank you to the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds and everyone working on the front lines and behind the scenes through all of this. Thank you to all the people staying home.



Atlanta Botanical Garden…

I decided the other day that I needed to visit the Botanical Garden. Then my friend Wilson sent a text saying there was free admission this week, in honor of Anne Cox Chambers. IMG_2585

(She was one of the wealthiest women in the United States at one point, and an extremely nice woman)

Yes, it has been raining a lot here in Atlanta. It let up today but it was overcast.

IMG_2557These are little tiny daffodils. Everything is trying so hard to bloom.


IMG_2567The Orchids are the highlight right now. They are spectacular. It was extremely humid inside though.





Rainy Saturday (thru next Tuesday)

We are getting much needed rain all day today through next Tuesday. It was really coming down early this morning. Bradley Cooper and I got out and got a brief walk before the downpour. Then, I went to feed him, uh oh, I am going to run out of his food by tomorrow.

I started feeding him a “raw” diet. There is raw beef bone in it and some heart but also a ton of veggies and nutrients and fish oil, it’s one of the healthiest diets he has ever been on. So very good for him! IMG_1174

I have to go to a special Dog Food store in midtown to get his food. IMG_1170

Out of food??? What???, no it will not happen. His little selfie.

I put on my rain boots and go to trek out. IMG_1165

I put on the boots because all of the water from my street runs into my carport…


Well this early bird had to wait till 10:30 to get the worm. Getting there early did not pay off, or did it? I had  to kill some time, so, I went and grabbed an Egg McMuffin. I can poo poo fast food in general but an Egg McMuffin is pure goodness.  I can say nothing bad about it because it is simply heavenly.

The rain continues and we should all be thankful!

Yogurt – Yummy

When I was a teenager I would eat yogurt to lose weight, I thought it was good for you and it tasted okay and it filled me up. Then I decided I really didn’t like it that much.

Then Greek yogurt came out and it was supposed to taste better and be even better for you, so I started eating that, recently. It was good, mixed with blueberries and this super yummy granola I found… Purely Elizabeth. This Granola is out of this world GREAT!IMG_1153

They have different varieties which are all excellent.

Then, I found Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt. This yogurt is a treat, it is scrumptious! IMG_1150

Yes, I did add granola and fresh strawberries to it, which was so great, but it is so good on it’s own too. (Try the coconut! It will blow your socks off!)

Quest for the Best – Slip on Athletic Shoes (or sneakers)

I noticed my neighbor/friend has these slip on shoes he wears almost every day walking the dogs. Then, I noticed my brother and niece wearing a pair and I was like, “I have to have them.”

I recently read that Baby Boomers are still wearing awful crocs. Yes, I do wear them at night, like slippers. I have transitioned into flip flops for the summer though. Anyhoo…

I started going to DSW, nope, nothing fit right. Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, this is an amazing store but definitely nope. Macy’s, uh uh, nope, they have some fancy ones with gold on them, yuck. A couple more stores but nothing.

Then I looked in my closet. I found not the cute slip ons I was seeking but comfy slip ons I already had.


Fairly new converse, I need to wear these in. I had some in high school, red ones and a pair of white ones. (my best friend Bunny had the cool purple ones) These will be comfy I am sure…


On the same note as the Converse these are Taos and VERY comfortable.  I love these, they are a tad heavy, but just a bit.


These are Merrills, so comfortable. These are like going barefoot. These make it a little challenging when hiking on rocks and such. Yes, and such…IMG_1143

These are Merrills also, but the sole is a little thicker so I can walk on rocks. These might be my slip ons then. (They aren’t as cute though). So comfort does outweigh cute, as shown by the crocs phenomenon. I will keep my eyes open though.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are born in Babyland General in Cleveland Georgia about an hour and a half away from Atlanta. Bradley Cooper and I set off on a trip to see this…IMG_1141

All of a sudden we were upon it!IMG_1130




We did not go in…I do not believe they allow dogs in the hospital..It was shift change and people were coming and going wearing their scrubs..


These kids were super popular in the 1980’s but it must be pretty popular still. There were plenty of cars there.