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Oldcastle Nature Trail


The Oldcastle Nature Trail at the Marcus Autism Center is next to the Marcus Autism Center off of Briarcliff Road.

Sidenote: The Marcus Autism Center offers families access to the latest research, comprehensive evaluations and intensive behavior treatments. It is on of the largest Autism Centers in the United States.

It is a very shady very well kept trail….IMG_7239

It is not really long, but part of it goes up a trail and up a hill with exercise stations alone the way. It winds it’s way back down to a large field and steps up to a school. It’s a fun little trail IMG_7238


It wore little Bradley Cooper out, he is snoring by my side right now….Go out and take a walk!IMG_7243

Gardening in the “Hood”


My neighbor Will put his garden in first and he has a much more diverse assortment of veggies.He tilled out part of his yard to create his garden this year. (That would be a whole separate blog on the “tilling incident”) He used Epsom Salts and his garden exploded. I had never heard of using Epsom Salts but I looked it up and it’s quite common and well known.


This is one of my neighbor’s raised bed garden and here is his other one….IMG_7236

He started his garden before mine. (He needs to do some weeding.) He did not think using Epsom Salts would make a difference, so we will see!


This is my garden.


I am doing an experiment with my garden. This part of the garden I bought the plants from The Home Depot.


This part I purchased the plants from Pikes Nursery. (A local chain of nurseries) I will keep you posted with the results. It’s really not scientific just fun!


Time away from Staycation

I took a few days off from Staycation and went out of town to Tybee Island, GA. Tybee Island is a barrier island off the Georgia coast, outside of Savannah GA. It’s a quiet laid back little town, super friendly and a great getaway in April. Unknown

So, we went on a dolphin watch boat ride. (I was afraid it was going to be lame, but it was great!)IMG_7156

Oh and Flat Stanley came with us too! IMG_7176

A shrimp boat was coming in, which is great if you are looking for dophin!


Pelicans love it too!IMG_7189IMG_7205

There were a lot of dolphins and momma dolphins with babies and it was a beautiful day and fun to have the wind in your face. IMG_7204

I highly recommend it! (they allow dogs, but I am glad I  didn’t bring Bradley Cooper.)

Sheep at LaVista Park

IMG_7057The neighborhood I live in is called LaVista Park…IMG_7067and there actually is a Park within our neighborhood called LaVista Park. Part of it is overgrown with ivy and weeds. So, some sheep were called in for help!IMG_7060


These sheep are huge. Well there job is to eat, so, I guess they do a great job. IMG_7071


There are two big ole sheep dogs protecting the flock. There is an electric fence, so keep the kiddies and pets away. IMG_7065

I think it is a really fun cool thing to see, and the park is fun too.


Staycation in Dahlonega

Unknown-3It’s Spring Break in Atlanta. My nieces are out of school for the week, so I got to spend Monday with them. We always have a great time and it always becomes an adventure.

We decided to just drive till we saw something we wanted to see. Well, Zelda is hungry and wanted Mexican food. Perfect, we were headed towards Dahlonega and they have a great mexican restaurant, so off we went.Unknown-4Pueblos was perfect. Their salsa is excellent.

On the way in I noticed a sign for a dive bell. What? a dive bell in Dahlonega Georgia, the mountains, this has to be a great story. IMG_6976

This Dive Bell was found in the Chestatee River. Apparently, the ship it was on mysteriously sank there. It all had to do with gold and mining of gold. (The first gold rush was in Dahlonega GA). IMG_6977

Then we saw a bear. IMG_6984

They are everywhere.

Then we had to head home, we decided to go the scenic route. So, at one light I said shall we go straight or turn, no answer so strait it was and then we saw this.UnknownIt was a really big sign that said ZOO. We were there. Unknown-1There were lions and tigers and wolves and Zebras. We couldn’t stay though. We will go back.

You never know what you will find when you have and adventure.

Meatless Monday – BurgerFi

So, I do Meatless Mondays. I was hankering for a burger. The best Veggie Burger I have ever had was at Houston’s Restaurant. I decided to try a new one today. I have been to BurgerFi once before, I had a hotdog, it was great! Today I was after a veggie burger.

BF 1I have to tell you, it was very good. BF3Two things, that is my finger and too many fries. They were very good. (the fries).

It was a really good veggie burger! I recommend it!

Red Beans & Rice

My sweet friend Catherine brought me some authentic red beans from New Orleans, Camellia’s Red Kidney Beans.

I put a pound of beans in a pot and covered them with chicken stock, then I started chopping.RedBeans3 Chopped green pepper, two stalks of celery, a bunch of green onions and some garlic. Cooked some bacon and andouille sausage…Red Beans4Then put all the chopped veggies in the drippings and then put it in with the beans. Red Beans 2It cooked for over 3 hours, kept adding water and chicken stock as needed. It was awesome.

Red Beans1

The perfect meal for a chilly day!